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Tales from our current home.

Once is not enough

Before I get started, just a reminder to you, the faithful reader, that if you don’t see the pictures I’ve posted on your “update,”  go to the main site ( to see all the photos in a better format. Also, all photos can be enlarged by clicking on them twice. Enjoy! One of the great … Continue reading »

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Just for Fun

The insistent chatter of magpies building their nest outside my window in the platane tree tells me that I can trust the rhythms of nature. Spring is a fact I can count on. And this turbulent wind and rain are the necessary preparations for its ripening.  This is what I remind myself as I try … Continue reading »

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     SWEETPEA April 20, 1999 – January 26, 2013 Change happens so fast sometimes.  You think you’re all prepared for the day, the week, even the month, and then change turns the world upside down. We learned from the Veterinarian just a few weeks ago that SweetPea had a large mass in her abdomen. … Continue reading »

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A little bird told me . . .

“Mon petit doigt me l’a dit . . . ” is the french expression to say “A little bird told me . . .” In this case it was a little bird, to be sure.  As I settled myself to write these few words, the sun was setting over Aix en Provence.  I gazed inward … Continue reading »

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YES – the word for a new year

What’s not to love about a golf course that places a sculpture at its first tee saying (in french of course) OUI  or  YES .  After Christmas and before New Years, we drove two short hours to the southeast from Aix to try out Golf Opio Valbonne. Situated between  Nice and Grasse, it gave us … Continue reading »

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Precious gifts

It is, every day, a gift to be here in France: living a dream I carried in my  heart for over fifty years; sharing it with my dearest companions, Ken & SweetPea; receiving new friendships and tokens of love that keep me warm and nourished in this winter season. Such are the tiny figures given … Continue reading »

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Winter is Coming

I know you’ve heard about the Mistral: winds that sweep into Provence from the north bringing cold and sometimes wrecking havoc. In these past few weeks, the Mistral has been asserting its prowess, knocking over a cruise ship in the harbor at Marseille, downing trees in the local parks here in Aix, and generally making … Continue reading »

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The dislocation of language

To live in a new country, whose language is not one’s own, is a dislocating experience. For long moments one becomes mute. For long moments one is regressed, scrambling like a toddler for words that are always out of reach. The relief of joy can come from the very simple pleasure of discovering just one … Continue reading »

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The beauty of Home

Can it be only two weeks since we moved into our lovely apartment in Aix? Establishing a new life and a new routine changes the experience of time. Every day is forever and exhausting; and the sum of a week, or two, is an instant of exhilaration. What have we been doing?  Both Ken and … Continue reading »

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At Home in Aix

Even if I had a camera ~ which now I do not, since on moving-in day it escaped the car to begin a new life with someone else in Provence ~ even the best camera (which this former, fickle one was not) couldn’t have captured the moment this Sunday morning when the bells of St-Sauveur … Continue reading »

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